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About Maru

Learn About Maru & Life style.

maru and penguin

Let me introduce myself.

I was born on October 20, 2007. I’m a Shiba-inu—a breed that is an official national monument of Japan. I’m a bit bigger than the standard Shiba, weighing in at 18 kilos rather than the usual 8-10 kilos.

maru and penguin

Why the name “Maru?”.

I was named that because maru is “circle” in Japanese—and since circles have no corners, they represent smoothness, without interruption. It can also mean purity, happiness and also fat! My owners hoped I would grow up happy and with a cute, round face. I guess they got the last bit right!

maru and daikon

My hobby and dislike

My hobbies are walk on a beach with digging on ther, playing with a toy daikon.I hate the boom-boom of fireworks and rumble of thunder.What is your biggest fear?

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